The Christmas Trip back home

This is my blog, La Vie d’Expat en Dessin ! A little bit like « La Vie en Rose », as it is french and joyful. Today, I will explore the perks of going back to your home town, or home country for the holidays!

If you are expatriate, you probably already bought your airplane ticket – as you probably didn’t want to wait until the last minute, the way you do your Christmas shopping (admit it, that activity is sooo thrilling that you always save it for the moment where you cannot possibly postpone anymore : Christmas Eve. Well, so do I).

That annual trip, much like the summer break, is the second mandatory travel that you will do this year with your family. And it doesn’t really qualify as a “vacation” stricto sensu. “Vacations” is what you used to take when you were leaving in your country and enjoying a quiet week off somewhere. Now, you use your hard-earned holidays to travel back home, and it is not really relaxing!

Actually, as the anticipation is growing (you will be leaving next week or the following one), you are experiencing great confusion : yes, you have desired that trip (remember, you clicked on “Purchase” on Expedia’s website, after promising your family that you would be there for Christmas). But you also fear it a little bit (because, like exciting times in life, such as motherhood, that moment is filled with ups and downs: in general, you are happy to do it, but on certain days, you really wonder what the f**** you were thinking when you took THAT decision).

Well, as many difficulties as you encounter, you will still greatly enjoy visiting your relatives. It doesn’t matter if to get there, you will have to face travelling with millions of people and their germs, loaded with luggages full of gifts, as well as to swallow 10 Christmas meals (one for each family that you will visit), spend hours on the road to travel from home to home, and end up at the doctor whether for 1) stomach pains 2) the flu 3) all of the above. When you finally get back home, you will need a month to recover from your vacation.

But as crazy as it is, it does not prevent you from doing it again the following year!

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Jouets de Noel

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