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Hi everyone! Thank you for coming to this website!

I am launching this blog to share my experience as a french expatriate mom in Istanbul, which is quite an adventure… Not totally new though, because I have been expatriate for 10 years now: in Mexico, Arizona, California, before moving to Turkey last fall.

Crise identitaire ING

And moving around like that with two kids is, to say the least, inspiring! Let’s say, I have become a pro. A pro? Of what? Well, not as I envisioned when I studied my Master Degree in Agronomy, a pro of Business plans or online Marketing. But rather a pro at adapting myself to – extreme – conditions: walking on top of a volcano in flip-flops, surviving Arizona’s summer, learning Spanish on the spot while eating super spicy tacos, integrating a team with 15 different nationality, teaching ballet to teenage Californian girls, and having two kids in the meantime, who are now happily swimming the international seas of expatriation.

That is all this craziness I want to share with you. So if you want to read more, please subscribe to my Newsletter!

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